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Most people really hard to accept changes that suddenly appear in their life, because they are tend to stay in comfort than to take the risk to move forward. We are fear and so afraid to accept adjustments and sometimes people need a lot of times like weeks or months to accept and to adjust about these changes. That is why nurses are challenged to take good care of these people who have impaired adjustments. It is really challenging on how a person will trust you and trust your interventions especially if these people are not looking for a change or to modify their life. That is why the nurse must explain to the patient that these changes will result a more favorable outcome and will not create more problems. This is a nursing care plan sample about impaired adjustment of Mr. Dutrio, 78 years old, former City Mayor on provincial area. The patient is diagnosed with type-2 diabetes and the doctors imply to make adjustments in his nutritional diet, leading to reduce his intake of foods with high- carbohydrates and stopping him to drink alcohol. The patient is rejecting those changes and denies of having type-2 diabetes. If the patient does not make adjustments, this could lead to complications like blindness and amputation.


The patient verbally denies his health status

The patient rejects medical treatment, leading to a failure to take actions that would prevent further health problems. There patient refuses to communicate with the nurse and rejects nursing intervention. The patient still eats food and drink beverages that could lead to life-threatening condition. The patient acts energetic to hide his health condition.


Don’t be ashamed if your child has maturational enuresis. It is only natural among children, like this kid, named Zion, a 7 year old boy who often experienced wetting in bed while sleeping at night. Zion seems to have no problem but is he? There are a lot of factors that causes voiding in bed at night, from physical, physiological, emotional, to psychosocial. Identifying the cause of maturational enuresis will surely solve Zion's problem. The challenge to the nurse is the boy's participation through the courses of nursing care. Note that the boy may deny that he didn't do voiding during the night and rejects any actions or intervention. Below is a nursing care plan sample of maturational enuresis of Boy Zion, 7 years old, smart kid in school. 


"I always pee my bed every night," the boy said.

(The boy is actually normal since this nursing diagnosis is not pathologic in nature.)