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Stuart, 23 years old, diagnosed with pneumonia 3 months ago. Because of having not enough money for hospitalization. His state got worse day...

ANXIETY Nursing Care Plan

Abby experienced trauma, both physical and emotional in her past life when she and her husband live together. She escape and left her husband and went to other city 1300 miles away from their house to change her life for she thought, the better. Unfortunately, she still gather her fear from the past and it kept haunting her day and night. She has been always lack of sleep, she felt fear when someone touches her or even calls her. She screams most of the time, she preoccupied most of the time. She feels that someone is stalking her and wants to abduct her. It's been 6 months since she left but she still experiencing this anxiety which is considered severe and she also been experiencing panic state. Below is a sample of anxiety nursing care plan of Abby.


Mr. Andrew was doing a wooden wall renovations in their garage. Mr. Andrew's nail gun was suddenly failed to function and he discovered that two nails was stuck in it. While he was trying to fix it, a nail suddenly cam out of it and drove piercingly to his throat. Her daughter saw help and called for help. Mr. Andrew was still conscious but really hard to breathe and he felt the blood piling up inside his throat.


" I can't breath that much, something's obstructing inside my throat." as verbalized by the patient.