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Mrs. Araneta got a free body massage coupon from her credit card issuer. She availed it before the Holy week from a popular massage spa 400 miles away from her hometown. 3 days after she availed the coupon, she got high-grade fever and muscle weakness. She admitted at the same day and diagnosed with dengue virus. Mrs. Araneta needs to confine until her platelet levels return to normal. This is a nursing care plan sample about readiness for enhanced comfort nursing care plan of Mrs. Araneta, 41 years old, sales marketer.



"I wish I could feel comfortable in this room," as verbalized by the patient.

The patient is irritable, restlessness, and prolonged sitting and standing than reading at be. The patient has a stressed appearance, dry skin and mouth and have enlarged eye bag. Vital signs are taken and noted as follows: Body temperature of 36.5 degrees Celsius, blood pressure of 110/70 mmHg, respiratory rate of 20 cycles per minute, pulse rate of 88 beats per minute. All of his/her vital signs are within the normal range.


Readiness for enhanced comfort related to irritability and restlessness as manifested by irritability and presence of eye bags. (Restlessness is a condition when a person cannot find his/her comfort).


After 4 hours of nursing intervention, the patient will be able to verbalize sense of comfort or contentment.


- Verify that Mrs. Araneta is managing pain and pain components effectively. Success in this area usually addresses other issues or her emotions such as far, loneliness, anxiety and anger. Ascertain what she is used for comfort to rest such as head of bed up or down, music on or off, white noise, rocking motion, and certain person thing. 

- Collaborate in treating medical conditions including oxygenation, elimination, mobility, cognitive abilities, electrolyte balance, thermoregulation, hydration, to promote her physical stability. Work with Mrs. Araneta to prevent pain, nausea, itching, thirst and other physical comfort. Suggest patent to be present during procedures to comfort child. Provide age-appropriate comfort measures such as back rub, change position, cuddling, use of heat or cold to provide non-pharmacological pain management. 

- Promote overall health measures of Mrs. Araneta such as nutrition, adequate food intake, appropriate vitamin or iron supplement. Discuss with her the potential complication and possible need for median follow-up care or alternative therapies. Timely recognition and intervention can prime wellness. Assist Mrs. Araneta to identify and acquire necessary equipment such as lift, chair, safety grab bars, and personal hygiene supplies to meet individual needs. 

- Provide quiet environment and calm activities. Provide for periodic changes in personal surroundings when Mrs. Araneta is confined. Use the patient's input in creating the changes such as seasonal bulletin boards, color changes, rearranging furniture and pictures. Determine Mrs. Araneta's environmental respects privacy and provide her with natural lighting and readily accessible view outdoors which an aspect that can be manipulated to enhance comfort. Create compassionate, supportive, and therapeutic environment incorporating her cultural and age or developmental factors. Correct environmental hazards that could influence her safety or negatively affect comfort. Arrange for home visit or evaluation as needed. Discuss long-term plan for taking care of needs. 

- Ascertain meaning of comfort in context of interpersonal, family cultural values, and societal relationships. Validate Mrs. Araneta's understanding of her diagnosis or prognosis and ongoing methods of managing condition, as appropriate and desired by her. Encourage age-appropriate diversionary activities such as TV, radio, or playtime. Avoid over stimulation and under stimulation. 


After 4 hours of nursing intervention, the patient was verbalized sense of comfort or contentment.

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