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Stuart, 23 years old, diagnosed with pneumonia 3 months ago. Because of having not enough money for hospitalization. His state got worse day...


        We will share to you a sample of nursing care plan(NCP) of violence, risk for other-directed. This is a nursing care plan sample about risk for other-directed violence of Mr. Dutman , 65 years old, lawyer. Mr. Dutman is very good lawyer with a outstanding records throughout his career. He has 88% winrate of all his cases that makes him popular in his field. He also wrote a book that helps beginners to attain professional level in the field of law. He is so workaholic until he was turned 65 years of age. He needs to forcefully retire due to his age and he didn't want it to. Now that he had no longer have a job, he, for him, have nothing else important to do. Mr. Dutman became violent, always mad at something and almost change his behavior for unknown reason. Always remember that do not use this diagnosis to address other problems such as anxiety and poor self-esteem, but instead should make and refer to ANXIETY Nursing Care Plan and Effective Coping.


"I will kill everyone!", as verbalized by the patient.

WANDERING Nursing Care Plan

Mr. Miles is a widower who have a daughter named Beth. Beth is 45 years old and works as a call center representative. No one else live in their home aside from them so when Beth is on duty she always summon Margareth. Margareth is an on call nurse for Mr. Miles. She was a professional personal nurse who is responsible for Mr. Miles' medicine, food and rest while Beth is out for work. Every Beth's dayoff is Margareth's dayoff so there's one day every week for Beth to take care his father for his medicine, food and rest. One Beth's dayoff, she was fall asleep and took a nap but when she woke up Mr. Miles, his father, gone missing. She immediately called for help since Mr. Miles was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. This is a nursing care plan sample about wandering of Mr. Miles, 70 years old, diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease.


"I want to go home, but I don't know exactly where I am now. I've been walking for almost 2 hours." client said.