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Mr. Cole Iceberg, 14 years old, student and a chess varsity player of a prestigious school. Cole was so gifted with intelligence but have a lack of social and communication skills. Cole's height was also behind with his classmates makes him the shortest among his grade level students. You can observe with Cole that he was so lack of energy and enthusiasm to do work. He always approaches with negative mood and response to others. You will clearly notice that he is so different with other students. Because of unusual behavior of Cole, her teacher decided to refer him to the Guidance Counselor. The Guidance Counselor summons the parent of Cole to discuss what their child's situation during his academic class. Below is a sample of delayed growth and development nursing care plan of Mr. Cole Iceberg.




- Flat affect

- Listlessness or lack of energy to exert effort

- Decreased response time
- Slow social responses
- Limited signs of satisfaction to caregiver
- Limited eye contact
- Decreased appetite
- Lethargy
- Irritability
- Negative mood



Delayed growth and development related to compromised physical ability and dependence secondary to unknown causes.


After 4 hours of nursing intervention, the patient will demonstrate increased age-appropriate behaviors in socialization, language, motor skills, self-care and cognitive skills.


- Encourage and support parental or caregiver presence. Demonstrate methods that allow Cole's parents/family to participate in their child’s care. Provide Cole with age-appropriate communication and his preparation regarding procedures. Assign a consistent caregiver and/or provide clear communication to relay a consistent method of care-giving.

- Consider cultural practices and beliefs of both Cole's parents.

- Speak frequently with Cole about his feelings, ideas, and concerns about his condition or care. Provide Cole an opportunity for interaction with others of the same age. Identify Cole's interest or his hobby that the unit can support, and support it daily.

- Allow the health care facility routine to be altered to suit the child’s schedule. Allow Cole to wear his own clothes if possible. Involve Cole in decisions about his care. Provide an opportunity for him in involvement in several activities such as reading, video games, movies, board games, art, and trips outside or to other areas.

- Encourage visits or telephone calls to Cole from his parents, siblings, and peers.

- Provide anticipatory guidance for Cole's parents regarding constructive handling of developmental problems and support of developmental process. Refer to diagnosis Impaired Parenting.

- Refer the family to the appropriate agency for counseling or follow-up treatment of abuse, parent–child conflict, chemical dependency, and so forth. Refer Cole's family to the appropriate agency for structured, ongoing stimulation program like schooling when functioning is likely to be impaired permanently.

- Refer Cole's family to community programs specific to contributing factors



After 4 hours of nursing intervention, the patient was demonstrated increased age-appropriate behaviors in socialization, language, motor skills, self-care and cognitive skills.

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