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Most people really hard to accept changes that suddenly appear in their life, because they are tend to stay in comfort than to take the risk to move forward. We are fear and so afraid to accept adjustments and sometimes people need a lot of times like weeks or months to accept and to adjust about these changes. That is why nurses are challenged to take good care of these people who have impaired adjustments. It is really challenging on how a person will trust you and trust your interventions especially if these people are not looking for a change or to modify their life. That is why the nurse must explain to the patient that these changes will result a more favorable outcome and will not create more problems. This is a nursing care plan sample about impaired adjustment of Mr. Dutrio, 78 years old, former City Mayor on provincial area. The patient is diagnosed with type-2 diabetes and the doctors imply to make adjustments in his nutritional diet, leading to reduce his intake of foods with high- carbohydrates and stopping him to drink alcohol. The patient is rejecting those changes and denies of having type-2 diabetes. If the patient does not make adjustments, this could lead to complications like blindness and amputation.


The patient verbally denies his health status

The patient rejects medical treatment, leading to a failure to take actions that would prevent further health problems. There patient refuses to communicate with the nurse and rejects nursing intervention. The patient still eats food and drink beverages that could lead to life-threatening condition. The patient acts energetic to hide his health condition.


Don’t be ashamed if your child has maturational enuresis. It is only natural among children, like this kid, named Zion, a 7 year old boy who often experienced wetting in bed while sleeping at night. Zion seems to have no problem but is he? There are a lot of factors that causes voiding in bed at night, from physical, physiological, emotional, to psychosocial. Identifying the cause of maturational enuresis will surely solve Zion's problem. The challenge to the nurse is the boy's participation through the courses of nursing care. Note that the boy may deny that he didn't do voiding during the night and rejects any actions or intervention. Below is a nursing care plan sample of maturational enuresis of Boy Zion, 7 years old, smart kid in school. 


"I always pee my bed every night," the boy said.

(The boy is actually normal since this nursing diagnosis is not pathologic in nature.)


Do you also have allergies? Do you know that it is really important that others know your allergies? You must not hide it or feel shame of it even it is the worst allergy. Most people experienced life-threatening situation when they expose to their allergen. As a nurse, you must ask your patient if they have allergies especially allergy in medication, substance, and food. Levine, a 47 years l old female who works in a telemarketing company was recently diagnosed with a mass in left breast. The said that she needs a CT scan to check the mass. She needs to infuse iodine contest media but unfortunately; the nurse learned that she is allergic to iodine. Below is a sample of nursing care plan for risk of adverse reaction to iodine contrast media. 


"I have an allergy to iodine", the patient said verbally.

- Anxiety
- Records of past history of allergic to iodine

- Vital signs normal

- Visible mass on chest


When I became a father of a daughter, I honestly felt happy and afraid. I'm happy because now there is someone I will raise and raise this child to be a good person with a purest heart but on the other hand, I'm afraid because I don't know what to do and how should I start. And that moment, I realized that the reason of a child having a father and a mother is to both of them will help together to take care of their child. However, in some cases, the parent doesn’t want to take care of their child. For some reason, they just wish they did not have a child. Like Mrs. Davelle, a 45 years old female, former news anchor on a former TV broadcast company. She said that she doesn't really want her child and she has been exposing anger towards her child. It's like she neglects having the child and feels so disappointed.


Subjective: "I really don't want that child." said by the parent.


There are a lot of cases and different patients that undergoes nursing care related to imbalanced nutrition. Most of them are related to malnutrition and obese. One good example is Ms. Josu, 42 years old, newscaster on famous TV Channel. She have this obsession with drinking milk tea, and it is like she can't work, can't sleep, can't finished her lunch without drinking it. In just 18 months of continuous intake of milk tea, two to three times each day, her weight increase dramatically until she reach more than 20% of her ideal body weight. Unfortunately, as weeks past, she experienced lots of problems of having her huge body, and she felt the need to stop the cause of increasing weight, drinking milk tea. Below is a nursing care plan sample about imbalanced nutrition: more than body requirements of Ms. Josu, 42 years old, newscaster on famous TV Channel.



Subjective: "I want to lose weight but I always buy and drink my favorite milk tea twice or trice every day," said by a 42-year old female client.


You know difficulty in swallowing or impaired swallowing is very disturbing. You can't do your work properly, you can't speak properly, and especially, you can't eat properly. There are different reasons why people experience difficulty of swallowing and most of them are mild cases and non-life-threatening. However, a patient having like this kind of discomfort is eager to have a nursing care. Like Mr. Hans who recently undergone radiotherapy and experiencing esophagitis. Since he is a radio announcer, having impaired swallowing is very disturbing for him. Below is a sample of nursing care plan of impaired swallowing of Mr. Hans.




I, for myself, tried intermittent fasting, a 16:8 diet where in you have to stop eating or drinking with calories for 16 hours and then eat your usual meal after. First week of doing it, I experienced mild headache, stomachache very common, and very anxious about the time. The result, however, is very promising a big drop in my weight for two months of doing it. Don't misjudge me, I really love eating but discipline and desire will make a body of your dream. Like this girl Tracey, 23 years old, vlogger and freelance model, maintains her slim body by eating only once each day with adequate intake of liquids. Unfortunately, her obsession to lose weight makes her so thin, so skinny that lead to imbalanced nutrition: less than body requirements. Below is a sample of nursing care plan of imbalanced nutrition: less than body requirements of Tracey. If you want NCP for imbalanced nutrition: more than body requirements you can also check it out.


MORAL DISTRESS Nursing Care Plan

Patient's Data

Mr. Ines is a 74 year old nursing home patient who has co-occurrence of two or more medical and psychiatric conditions including significant dementia. He is combative and often bites those who attempt to care him. Four nurses have been treated for injuries caused by Mr. Ines. Unfortunately the doctors don't know the severity of the problem and the patient’s wife doesn’t want medications to sedate Mr. Ines because of the possible side effects. Nurses are now morally distressed because they feel forced to endure physical violence without any power to change the situation. The feeling of powerlessness, they know caring Mr. Ines requires sedating him, but they are constrained because the doctors, who must write the prescription, do not know the severity of the situation and the wife who refuses any means to sedate Mr. Ines.




This is a nursing care plan sample about impaired physical mobility of Mr. Tulfido, 40 years old, happy-go-lucky, who loves to play tennis, live streaming while playing console games, and barbecue party almost every night. Mr. Tulfido retired early at the age of 35. He is a former police officer who had very great achievements that even his chief did not want him to retire. Unfortunately, one day, Mr. Tulfido experienced dizziness, felt down and began unconscious. When he wakes up, he can't control his right-side of his body and he is unable to talk clearly.




"I cannot move half of my body, it was dead." verbalized by the patient.


As we grow older, we accumulate memories, and most of them are happy moments in our life that we did not want to forget. We have memories of our love ones, friends, pets and even things we love like the house, the car, the plants we plotted, even the food we ate. At the same time, we grew from these memories. But what if one day, you lose some of those? What if you keep on forgetting something, how is your life having a problem of remembering? Ms. Chou, 29 years old, stopped from being an actress on a TV Channel after a car accident occurred 3 months ago. She had a severe head trauma, although she survived the accident, she have been manifesting loss of memory and difficulty of remembering some actions taken and situations. Her impaired memory leads to devastation in her life especially at her career. Although this case can be lead to more than one nursing care diagnoses, we will focus on impaired memory nursing care plan. Related nursing care plan is Risk forInjury. Below is a sample of impaired memory nursing care plan of Ms. Chou.



Subjective: "Because of my head injury 3 months ago, I frequently experiencing memory loss, it’s like sometimes I forgot what I was performed or I can't remember someone said to me", as verbalized by the patient.


All of us experienced loneliness, but we have different reasons why we are lonely. Some kids are lonely because their parent left them to work on other country to make more money. Some people are lonely because they suddenly lost their job. Some are lonely because they are not loved by the people they love. Some people are lonely because they lost in competition. Some experience loneliness because someone they love had died. How about you? What is the reason of your loneliness? Are you still lonely? How did you overcome your loneliness? I will tell you a story about Ms. Hontanti, a 39 years old senator who had a dramatic increase in body mass that most of her friends can't easily recognize her. Her tummy bloats out, her legs turned big, her arms and chest expanded, her chin doubled, her cheeks enlarged, everything turns so fat. As days past, Ms. Hontanti doesn't want what is happening to her. Her friends don't want to be with her anymore, no one wants to talk to her, and everyone is teasing and bullying her. Ms. Hontanti started to eat alone, shop alone, almost all alone and she started to stay away from people especially to her friends and colleagues. Below is a sample of nursing care plan of Ms. Hontani about her risk for lonelinesss.



Subjective: “I'm fat, so fat that no one else wants to be close to me.” as verbalized by the patient.


Medical staffs and practitioners are most at risk having this latex allergy response since the materials made of latex most of the time. A lot of medical and dental supplies are made from natural latex rubber such as disposable gloves, dental, dams, airway and intravenous tubing, syringes, stethoscopes, catheters, dressings, and bandages. Doctor Ku, a 43 year old surgeon who is allergic to latex. Although he has been serving his profession for 8 years, he's been able to do his job by preventing himself to have a contact with natural latex rubber products while using them. "It was not easy," he said "but doing it carefully made that possible." Unfortunately, a newly-hired nurse unintentionally gave bandages with natural latex content to Doctor Ku which the surgeon unaware of touching it. Below is a sample of latex allergy response nursing care plan of Doctor Ku.

General symptoms of having latex allergy are the following:


People with difficulty of swallowing often are at risk for aspiration. Risk for aspiration is a clinically useful diagnosis for people at high risk for aspiration because of reduced level of consciousness, structural deficits, mechanical devices, and neurologic and gastrointestinal disorders. The diagnosis risk for aspiration should be used to describe people who require nursing interventions to prevent aspiration. This is a nursing care plan sample about risk for aspiration of Mr. Daliso, 45 years old, former actor on former TV Channel, post-operated, awake but still under influence of anesthesia.




RISK FOR INJURY Nursing Care Plan

I never forgot the day when my son got an injury. That day I was in my workplace doing my routine job while suddenly the phone rang. My boss called and she said that my wife called and said that there so much blood in my son. My mind was gone crazy that time and I immediately went out of my office and it made me a half-day work. I called my wife immediately after I go outside of my office building and I heard they are crying so loud that I almost didn't understand what she was saying. I asked her if it’s an emergency, if she needs a urgent help and encouraged her to call 911 but she said it’s not necessary but she insist that I must go home so we can go to the hospital. I said to her that she should go to the hospital and we would meet there because it is the fastest way to admit my son. When we met at the hospital, I learned that my son was punctured with a pencil in his back part of his mouth near the uvula. It was occurred when my daughter was writing on a card board paper with a pencil and my son steal the pencil that led my daughter to be mad at her sibling. She slapped her sibling with the card board not knowing what could happen. Fortunately, it was just a mild injury.

But Mrs. Amber's case is different. She is 48 years old, working as a managerial position on a government agency. Recently, she was diagnosed with vertigo and with that, she was also diagnosed with risk for injury. Below is the sample of nursing care plan about risk for injury of Mrs. Amber.



Subjective: "Why is my world spinning? I feel so dizzy." as verbalized by the patient.


One of the best examples of infection is the new coronavirus called COVID-19. Experts believe it was originated in a country of Asia. A lot of people died in this pandemic. Since the mode of transmission of this infection is from person to person, people are encouraged to implement social distancing and stay at their home. It takes 7-14 days before you manifest symptoms, some are asymptomatic, and you can't see the virus with your naked eye so people are strictly washing their hands, using alcohol and even wearing mask to protect them and the others from infection.


Mrs. Bobin case of risk for infection is a different story. Mrs. Bobin is a 38 year old fire fighter officer who had recent surgical operation after she was been diagnosed with myoma. The doctor instructed her to take a leave for at least two months but she instead went to work after a week of home rest. Unfortunately, her surgical wound began to open again. Below is a sample of risk for infection nursing care plan of Mrs. Bobin.



Subjective: "Help! My entire surgical wound opens again." As verbalized by the patient.


Disorganized infant behavior is defined as disintegrated physiologic and neuro-behavioral responses of infant to the environment. Physiologic is something that is normal that is due neither to anything pathologic nor significant in terms of causing illness. Neurobehavioral is relating to an approach to studying behavior that stresses the importance of nerve brain function. Disorganized infant behavior describes an infant who has difficulty regulating and adapting to external stimuli due to immature neurobehavioral development and increased environmental stimuli associated with neonatal units. When an infant is overstimulated or stressed, he or she uses energy to adapt; this depletes the supply of energy available for physiologic growth. The goal of nursing care is to assist the infant to conserve energy by reducing environmental stimuli, allowing the infant sufficient time to adapt to handling, and providing sensory input appropriate to the infant’s physiologic and neurobehavioral status. This is a nursing care plan sample about disorganized infant behavior of baby boy Rewad, 8 months old.



HOPELESSNESS Nursing Care Plan

Mark is a multi-billionaire. He gain his wealth with his tech company with have deal a great impact in tech industries. Mark have 4 children and a loving wife. He managed to make perfect family. He can buy everything he wants, his family wants. He can go everywhere they want. He can do everything he wants. He have almost infinite amount of money. Unfortunately, his newest device got an issue. There is an issue about users' privacy which leads to massive hacking and engaging in scam activities. Multiple people sue Mark for the damages it cost in which leads to his company to shatter into nothingness. Below is a sample of hopelessness nursing care plan of Mark who was a multi-billionaire but now a zero guy.



Subjective: "Everything is lost, and nothing works, it seems, my future seems so dark to me." as verbalized by the patient.


Mr. Cole Iceberg, 14 years old, student and a chess varsity player of a prestigious school. Cole was so gifted with intelligence but have a lack of social and communication skills. Cole's height was also behind with his classmates makes him the shortest among his grade level students. You can observe with Cole that he was so lack of energy and enthusiasm to do work. He always approaches with negative mood and response to others. You will clearly notice that he is so different with other students. Because of unusual behavior of Cole, her teacher decided to refer him to the Guidance Counselor. The Guidance Counselor summons the parent of Cole to discuss what their child's situation during his academic class. Below is a sample of delayed growth and development nursing care plan of Mr. Cole Iceberg.




This is a nursing care plan sample about excess fluid volume of Mrs. Moto, 35 years old, a vlogger and a podcaster, diagnosed with acute renal failure. Mrs. Moto is very workaholic and sometimes she even forgot to fix herself because of her work. She hyper runs and jumps if she needs to. Her vlogs and podcasts are not just work for money but work with passion. One day, her cameraman saw something different from her feet and told her if she was okay. Mrs. Moto was afraid of what she saw.



Subjective: "Help please, what happen to my feet?" as verbalized by the patient.


Mrs. Rufino is a 38 years old office worker who had an accident that changed her life miserably. She lost her job. Her son forced to live in his grandmother. Her grandfather's wealth keep draining because of his hospital bill and medications. Mrs. Rufino is badly injured that she can't even move her body. This is a nursing care plan sample about autonomic dysreflexia of Mrs. Rufino, 38 years old, office worker. 




Mr. Lopez, 51 years old, CEO of local smartphone company. Mr. Lopez is a vegetarian and active in dissemination of information about positive benefits of being a vegetarian. He went to various seminars as a speaker to spread what he knew was right and will help others to be healthy and prolonged life. He wrote books about wonderful effects of vegetables and the dangerous effects of meat to human body. Though many people oppose what he believes, he has numerous followers and companion for his revolutionary act. Unfortunately, Mr. Lopez is experiencing stomachache for the past 12 days and the pain keeps escalating. Mr. Lopez was worried so he went to the hospital for a check-up and found out that he had a colon cancer by means of several test results. Below is a sample of nursing care plan about ineffective denial of Mr. Lopez. 



Subjective: "I don't have cancer, the test was wrong, I'm a vegetarian, I can't have cancer." As verbalized by the patient.


Mr. Zamudio suffered from a car accident while he was on a taxi cab hit by a bus. He lost his both feet and other minor fractures throughout his body. Mr. Zamudio was very upset because he knows that he can never dance again. Impaired Adjustment may be more useful than Ineffective Coping in the initial period after a stressful event. This is a nursing care plan sample about ineffective coping of Mr. Zamudio, 28 years old, dancer.



Subjective: "I'm a dancer! How can I dance now without my both feet?" sadly said by the patient.


Mr. Beckenly was farmer who always uses organic materials for fertilizer. However, he receive thousand worth of chemical fertilizer from the government as a donation and at the same time, a promotion of a new said product. Mr. Beckenly used the chemical fertilizer for 3 weeks until he noticed something was not right in his body and he gotten so sick. He immediately went to a hospital to get some help. He said in the interview everything that may cause his sickness and first thing he knew that it is because of using the chemical fertilizer. So the medical staff asked for a sample of that chemical to identify its contents and too confirm Mr. Beckenly's sickness. This is a nursing care plan sample about individual contamination of Mr. Beckenly, 28 years old, farmer.




Ms. Mcgyver, 58 years old, retired teacher, sells flowers as a hobby, diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Ms. Mcgyver was a valedictorian with honors in her grade school time. She was also a salutatorian in her high school and again, a valedictorian in college with a lot of medals and honors from different quiz bees and competitions. She was top 3 in her licensure exam and immediately hired from two different prestigious schools. Below is a sample of nursing care plan for chronic confusion of Ms. Mcgyver.



"I had forgotten what happen yesterday," as verbalize by the patient.


Mrs. Vivaane, 46 years old, a dog lover and a call-center agent. One day after lunch break, Mrs. Vivaane started to unable to speak, confuse and agitated. Below is a nursing care plan of impaired verbal communication of Mrs. Vivaane. If nursing interventions focus on reducing hallucinations, fear, or anxiety, ConfusionFear, or Anxiety would be more appropriate.



NAUSEA Nursing Care Plan

Mr. Holme, 48 years old, embalmer recently diagnosed with lung cancer and still have undergoing chemotherapy. Because of Mr. Holme's chemotherapy, he experience unwanted nausea and very stressful for him. He can't do his task properly and he have difficulty in traveling even in a short distance. That nausea bothers him a lot. Below is a nursing care plan about nausea of Mr. Holme.



Subjective: "I always feel like to vomit." As verbalized by the patient.


Maggie, 33 years old, is a nurse of a 72 years old retired general who Maggie believes that her patient is very cold and bad to her. Her patient also wants her to work almost whole day like this retired general doesn't sleep. Below is a sample of nursing care plan about caregiver role strain.



Subjective: "I can't take care of this patient for the whole day. I also need to rest." As verbalized by the nurse.


Mr. Luterio, 64 years old, retired construction officer. Mr. Luterio always put his jacket and thick pants even at the peak of the afternoon. It is not because he likes it but because he cannot resist the cold he feels. Mr. Luterio cannot regulate his body temperature that is why he always wears thick layers of clothing. Mr. Luterio cannot explain why this is happening to him. Someone said that he was been cursed by a witch of someone mad at him in the past or still have anger against him. Below is a sample of ineffective thermoregulation nursing care plan of Mr. Luterio.


Subjective: "I always feel cold even when others are not." As verbalized by the patient.


Mr. Pacther is a 45 years old former sports athlete. He is now a professional coach of his home town team of young football athlete. He handles players with 7 to 14 years of age. Aside from doing his hobby as a coach, he do jogging every morning before 7am, have his morning breakfast at his favorite cafe restaurant, go home and sleep. Then he wakes up and prepares to do his coaching. He sometimes come home so late but still wakes up early to do jogging.  Below is a sample of risk for imbalanced body temperature nursing care plan of Mr. Pacther. Risk for Imbalanced Body Temperature includes those at risk for Hyperthermia, Hypothermia, Ineffective Thermoregulation.




        We will share to you a sample of nursing care plan (NCP) of violence, risk for other-directed. This is a nursing care plan sample about risk for other-directed violence of Mr. Dutman, 65 years old, lawyer. Mr. Dutman is very good lawyer with an outstanding records throughout his career. He has 88% win rate of all his cases that makes him popular in his field. He also wrote a book that helps beginners to attain professional level in the field of law. He is so workaholic until he was turned 65 years of age. He needs to forcefully retire due to his age and he didn't want it to. Now that he had no longer have a job, he, for him, have nothing else important to do. Mr. Dutman became violent, always mad at something and almost changes his behavior for unknown reason. Always remember that do not use this diagnosis to address other problems such as anxiety and poor self-esteem, but instead should make and refer to ANXIETY Nursing Care Plan and Effective Coping.


WANDERING Nursing Care Plan

Mr. Miles is a widower who has a daughter named Beth. Beth is 45 years old and works as a call center representative. No one else lives in their home aside from them so when Beth is on duty she always summons Margareth. Margareth is an on call nurse for Mr. Miles. She was a professional personal nurse who is responsible for Mr. Miles' medicine, food and rest while Beth is out for work. Every Beth's day off is Margareth's day off so there's one day every week for Beth to take care his father for his medicine, food and rest. One Beth's day off, she was fall asleep and took a nap but when she woke up Mr. Miles, his father, gone missing. She immediately called for help since Mr. Miles was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. This is a nursing care plan sample about wandering of Mr. Miles, 70 years old, diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease.


"I want to go home, but I don't know exactly where I am now. I've been walking for almost 2 hours." client said.


Mr. Shull, a 22 year old soccer player, even with his young age he achieved a lot of champion trophies and MVP awards in different barangay leagues and nearby city soccer competitions. Mr. Shull started playing soccer when he was 5 years old. His first trainer and coach was his Father who was a popular soccer player in his time. His father thought him well that he said that his son surpasses him. One day, Mr. Shull is absent in his finals league due to abdominal disturbances. He can't even watch the game since it is not televise. His doctor asks several questions to identify the cause of his problem. He took some test for examination. After several hours, the doctor found out the cause of Mr. Shull's abdominal disturbance. Below is a sample of risk for imbalanced fluid volume nursing care plan of Mr. Shull.


“I had excessive bowel elimination this day”, patient said.