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About Us

This site (NCP Mania.blogspot.com) is designed to give samples and not just samples but gives informational data about actions and interventions that is commonly associated with nursing diagnoses. These interventions are the activities necessary to implement and document care provided to individual client and can be used in varied settings from acute to community or home care. Nursing Diagnoses are listed alphabetically for ease of reference. Interventions in this site are in general age span considerations and are listed according to nursing diagnoses.

This site is the one of the perfect resource for samples of nursing care plan and reference for everything you need to plan, implement, and evaluate client-focused nursing care. 

This site is dedicated to:

Our friends, who support us in our writing, put up with memory lapses, and love is still.

Our families, who helped with the mundane activities of daily living that allowed us to write on this site and who provide us with love and encouragement in all our endeavors.

Jennie Delmoro, RN, who gives me knowledge about how to do this site.

And last and most important:

The nurses and nursing students we are writing for, and to those who have found this site helpful, we say, "NCP Mania is all for you".